So, very recently I came to the conclusion that I’m afraid of heights. I dicovered this when I was walking on a 35m high tree – top – path (I don’t know the exact term, but you probably understand what I mean). Everything was fine when I was walking up the stairs. The real problem started when I was coming down. I got this weird feeling that I can’t decribe. I felt as if I were floating, my head was sort of spinning and I couldn’t really concentrate on the things I and the people around me were saying. Even now, an hour later since this inciddent has occured, I still have a weird feeling. Everything seems blurred, I can’t exactly remember what I was saying to the people around me or what we were talking about. It’s as if I had come home from a late night out with some friends. 

Deep down I think I’ve always known about this fear, but I usually walk up the high towers and bridges anyway. I’m not sure why because almost every time it’s the same. But, today I started to wonder – was this inciddent a fear of heights or a weird kind of panic attack? If any of you have experienced something similar to what I have, please comment down below.

This fear of heights isn’t my only phobia. I also am afraid of spiders (only in specific circumstances though) and I ‘m a little claustrophobic… although I can control a lot better than I used to.

So anyway, I thought I’d share some things I like to do to calm me down in stress realted situations. I find that writing the situation down, either on your phone or on a piece of paper. It makes me feel calm and collected. And you can basically do it anywhere. The next one is a pretty obvious one. Tea. I think this one’s prettt straight forward. You get a mug. A tea bag. Or loose leaf tea. Doesn’t matter. Get water. Prefferably hot. Boiling would be best. Pour it in the mug. Add sugar or honey as needed. Voilà.

You’re a light. A sparkling, dazzling, electrifying glow. And you burn brighter than even the darkest of your shadows.

And the last one, that probably you all know is. Breathe. Just breathe.

 wishing a happy, stress-free week ahead of you,