About two hours ago I stepped onto this bus on my way to visit my sister. It’s a 3½h drive. Oh. Dear. Me. No Wi-Fi and lots of people. Here we go!

So these are a few of the things that happened/are happening on the bus.

The first thing I do on any bus is check if there is any Wi-Fi. Although I already knew that there wasn’t any Wi-Fi on the 2:30 p.m. bus I wanted to check all the same. There wasn’t. 

I read Howards End for the first twenty minutes, but it’s so uncomfy in the seats that I put my book away and try to make it less so. Then I get bored. It’s only 3 o’clock and I’m already bored.  I write a message to my sister that I’m on the bus. I write a poem about being  on the bus. I don’t know if you understood me – I wrote a poem. 

There was a girl on the bus, 

In her head she made a fuss – 

The bus was getting stuffed

This made her rather muffed.

First came a lady with too much perfume,

Then a man with the smell of a la dúme*.

It would’ve been alright, 

If the seat in front of her was upright.

“maybe it won’t be so bad..” She thought.

But at the end of the ride she was quite…


*Dūmi in my native language means smoke, it’s a bilingual pun – I couldn’t resist.

Ok. What’s next? Right, music. I start listening to my playlist:

  • Stone Cold – Demi Lovato
  • Bitterblue – Cat Stevens
  • The Very Thought of You – Al Bowly
  • That’s Christmas to Me – Pentatonix
  • Love Actually Soundtrack
  • This Town – Niall Horan
  • Sleep on the Floor – The Lumineers
  • Still Falling for You – Ellie Goulding

And I keep listening to this on repeat. For about an hour. Then I suddenly wake up – I hadn’t even realized (is it realised? I can’t ever make up my mind). Anyway, I wake up and remember that a girl had sat next to me at the beginning of the trip. I hope I didn’t snore..She’s listening to music too – I wonder what? 

It has started to rain. Now I don’t know about you bit I just love it when I’m in the bus and it starts to rain..one of the little things in life I love.

It’s 4:29p.m. still 1½h to go. I’ve decided to listen to Al Bowly on repeat. Then I start writing this blog post. 

Finally the big stop has been made – I finally can go and get some chips in the little bus-stop-shop (I suddenly forgot what they’re called) but oh! what a pickled punch. The girl beside me is a asleep. By the way I’m sitting next to the window. So anyway – she’s asleep. Ok. I have 15 min to make this work. I’ll start writing  again when I’ve tried something out. 

I’m back. I tried coughing and moving around so she’d wake up. Didn’t work. My appetite for chips has gone anyway already. In any case – she’s probably very tired or something, it’s probably a good thing that I didn’t wake her. 

Update on the food situation – I remeber that I packed some satsumas (they’re everywhere in my country during the holidays) so – yay!! I’m not so hungry.  But my back is aching sooo much. Ok. The bus arrives at 6:10 p.m. That means there is still 1h 24 min to go. 

I’m usually a pretty patient person. Things don’t make me mad or emotional,  but can the person behind me not watch something in Russian (or somekind of other slavic language)? It just stopped. Yes. Ok.

Nothing interesting is happeneing right now. Let me tell you about my day. So I had three tests today – Math, Biology and Music. Music and Biology i’m not that worried about – but Math. Oh please let me have a good grade on this test. I’ve been doing alright in school this year. The Christmas holidays start the week after next. I have to get my grades up by then. Otherwise…well there isn’t even an otherwise. 

42 minutes to go. 

I’m home. Finally. 

wishing you a lovely December weekend,


P.S. I didn’t have a picture of the bus ride so put up my homescreen wallpaper as the blog post picture. xxx.